Clownfish, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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 Air Prang

Lembeh Strait

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Tytuł : Aer Perang, Lembeh Strait

Opis : Aer Perang lies on the Sulawesi bank of the Lembeh Strait. The name means "war water" originated because just after WWI a passing warship blasted a hole in the rocks to get at the fresh water. The video stars the weedy scorpionfish (Rhinopias frondosa), for many the 'holy grail' of underwater critters. The video opens with Banggai cardinalfish which originate from Indonesia's Banggai island. Legend has it that a bag of these fish intended for an aquarium was accidentally dropped into the Lembeh Strait, whereupon the fish flourished. They now compete with anemonefish for shelter amongst the strait's anemones. The video also features nudibranchs, a demon stinger, a cockatoo waspfish, a snake eel and saddleback anemonefish. Shot in June 2006 at The music is Afterglow by Toao of More Lembeh Strait muck diving videos on

Znacznik : Aer Perang, Lembeh, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia, muck diving, critters, scuba diving, diving, underwater, Rhinopias, weedy scorpionfish, Banggai cardinalfish, anemonefish, nudibranch, demon stinger, cockatoo waspfish, snake eel, coral, reef, tropical, fish, Nick Hope, Bubble Vision, Two Fish Divers, yt:quality=high

Ocena : 5.00

Czas trwania : 00:02:14

Film dodany przez: Nick Hope (10-07-2012) 24/24 na Twoim urządzeniu mobilnym

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