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Saturday July 2 2011 16:12:27

Miejsce nurkowania: Gammel Albo, Denmark

My Rating:

Max depth: 24 m

Dive time: 45 min


This day sucked, rainy and chilly in the beginning of July. But well, it wasn't possible to become more wet, so we decided to jump in anyway. More over the camping had warm showers for warming up afterwards and getting some water for putting into the wetsuit :)

The dives themselves were quite nice and way faster then i expected! We got into the water like 20 or 50 meters to the left of the "pier". First it was calm and we stayed there at 10 to 12 meters in small elevator which gave us a free ride over lots of fish in the sand and through jellyfish. 

Then we went a lil bit more to the pier and the current just hit us and took us through the kelb (which is just on the right hand side of the pier) to the fisher nets like 600m to the right of the pier. For me it was a really strong current, my first that strong. Fortunately my buddy knew the place. He had told me before there will be a strong current, but what is "strong" if you never felt "strong" ?  Now i know its wasn't that strong, coz i was still able to hold myself with both hand at  huge rock.


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