Dolphins. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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Kings Park
United States of America

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United States of America

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Long Island

Miejsce nurkowania GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Duck Pond Pt. Dobry Dla każdego nurka 5 m 1
Greenport Jetty Świetny Dla każdego nurka 5 m 1
Gwendolyn Steers Wreck Normalny CMAS * / OW 17 m 1
Horton Pt Dobry CMAS * / OW 8 m 1
Lloyd Neck Normalny Dla każdego nurka 4.6 m 1
Montauk Jetties Dobry Dla każdego nurka 6 m 1
Morgan Park Jetty Normalny Dla każdego nurka 5 m 1
Ponquogue Bridge Dobry Dla każdego nurka 10 m 1
Roanoke Pt Ships Świetny Dla każdego nurka 6 m 1
Rocky Point Świetny Dla każdego nurka 7 m 1
Sag Harbor Jetties Dobry Dla każdego nurka 6 m 1
Shinnecock Canal Jetty Normalny Dla każdego nurka 4 m 1
Shipwreck Cove Normalny Dla każdego nurka 1
Shoreham Jetties Dobry Dla każdego nurka 5 m 1
Smithtown Bay Artificial Reef Normalny Dla każdego nurka 12.2 m 1
Sound Beach Dobry Dla każdego nurka 6 m 1


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About Me

  I have been a diver since 1970 when my cousin and I bought a tank and regulator along with a book on how to use them. I did most of my diving at that time in the Huntington and Northport bay areas of Long Island New York. When I went to college four years later I took a course and got certified. Six years after that I took a commercial diving course and spent the next ten years working as a commercial diver.  

  Most of my time as a commercial diver was spent working for Xplo a company that specialized in underwater demolition and bridge reconstruction. Other companies I worked for had me doing pipe line work, pipe penetration, power plants and saturation diving. The most hours I spent under water in a single year was 1,237 and my deepest dive was to 686'.  

  About fifteen years ago I got into kayak diving. On Long Island beach access is limited so this got me to places easily that could only be reached by boat and did not require me to trailer a boat and find a boat ramp in the area. I set up a small umbilical to run off a scuba tank so I could leave the tank in the kayak as I towed it behind me. Due to the size of the kayak I had to keep the size of the umbilical to 50', so diving with it limits me to about 35-40'. This works very well for me when I am going for lobster in the shallow and very rocky waters of the north shore.

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